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What to do when you find an abandoned dog?

You're walking down the road and you witness an abandoned dog. It can be a hurtful to see an innocent soul wondering why he/she was left there. To ensure the best for that fur bay, here's the most comprehensive step-by-step guide for you to follow.

A "State of Pet Homelessness Index" report by Mars Petcare India showed that 50% of current and previous pet owners have abandoned a pet in the past.

1. Give first aid to the dog and visit the vet.

Follow this guide to give the first aid to the dog, and then rush him/her to the vet as soon as possible. If there's no vet nearby, you can get in touch with us and we'll try to guide you through the most basic treatments.

2. Rule out the possibility of the dog being lost.

If you find an abandoned dog, you should first confirm that he/she is not lost. Check for any contact information on the pet's collar. If there is none, there's a chance the pet has a microchip implant under its skin. The microchip typically holds the owner's information which can lead the dog back to its loving home.

3. See if you or someone you know can adopt the dog.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, we DO NOT recommend typical animal shelters (keeping more than 40-50 dogs) to be your first choice. Since these places keep so many animals, it's impossible for them to provide this abandoned soul with individual attention and love he/she so desperately needs. If you think you can take up the responsibility of having a dog, that'd be the best option. If someone you know personally is willing to adopt a dog, you can ask honest questions and judge whether or not they're ready for the responsibility.

4. Get in touch with dog adoption groups on Social Media.

If you or someone you trust cannot keep the dog, you can find a number of dog adoption groups on Facebook that could help you find a foster or a permanent home.

5. Understand whether the dog needs long-term medical care.

If the dog needs long-term medical care, it's very important that he/she gets individual attention and personalised medical care. Sending dogs that need medical attention to crowded shelters is a recipe for disaster. Sick dogs need to be taken care of like a baby. At any place that has no room for individual care, such dogs are unfortunately left to die a painful death.

6. The last resort.

After you've thoroughly explored all the aforementioned possibilities and there's absolutely no option left, you can then look into getting the dog admitted into a local shelter. He/she won't get the life he/she would've gotten with a family, but this is still a better option than leaving him/her back on the road. To perhaps ensure a better place for this innocent soul, we advise you to first visit all the shelters you've shortlisted. Spend time with the people running them and try to understand for yourself which place works the best for the pet.

If you can't bring a dog home, but still wish to be a part of a doggo's life, you can click here and virtually adopt one of our doggos.


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