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I slowly opened my eyes (Part-I)

I shlowly opened my eyes, amd only saw dark wif little specks of light coming through da holes in da smol box I was in. I sensed da heat radiating from around me. It was from my siblings. A couple of my brofers amd simsters were crying out for my mama. I was humgry amd so were day. I was barely an months old, I dooz a remember. We kept crying out for her, amd dann we saw her. In a different meshed box, she loomked tired, unhapp, amd dirmty. Da box she was in was dirmty amd smol, filled wif smol brown blobs. But we relemtlessly kepts calling out for her.

At dis points, an lean loomking hooman came into da room our box was in. He opened our box amd we felts an sense of reliefs becooz we finally dooz a voes to our mama. Buts to my shockers, I was da only one picked out of da box amd it did me an comfuse. Why was omly I picked pup? Where was I bein taken aways from my mama, my brofers amd sismters? I was scared amd worried as heck. Amd suddemly a bright rays of light hit my eyes, amd when I flimched opened my eyes, I was hamded ober to two oder hoomans. I hads no imdea who dey were. I was doozin an worries but dey were smiling amd loomked excite. Dey called me “shoft” amd “cumte”. I was still scared amd shkeptical of dem; I missed my mama amd my siblings. My tum tum was aching. Den da lean hooman caughts my attemtion. He had a tube in his hamd, filled wif white limquid amd I got excite. Why? Accormding to my expevience, it was milk after alls. When I reamched forward to hab it, it tasted bitters amd made me wamt to dooz an vomit, da hoomans were chuckkling though. Dey called it “medichine”. I umderstood dat all bitters limquids are medichine. Da next fing I knew, da hooman holding me asked da oder hooman beside her to gib stamcks of papers to da hooman who did me an separate from my siblings. Dey carried me to anoder bigg box wif doors amd wheels. I saw fings dat I had neber seen befores. I saw da black groumd, some greenery amd den I saw so many more hoomans amd boxes wif wheelies. It was different, a whole new experiemce. Suddemly an growls erumpteds from my tum tums amd my humger resurfaced. I was simtting on hooman’s lap while da oder drove da box. I whined a little, amd dey said we’ll be “home” soon. I womdered wot dat was. I guemssed I’d dooz a fimd soon.


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