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It was a turdy day

My hooman has been pwetty stressed tomday. She keeps doozing a tells to da people she knows dat da doggo she rescuemed is still doozing a waits in a boardings to fly to Pawmerica, his foreber home.

Loomking at her so stressed was making me stressed too. So I went to her amd dooz her face a mlems to tells her dat eberyfing will workouts. Buts maybe her stress was beyomd measures. I was still an goob boi, tryin to dooz her an cheer. We lamter went to da doggo parks buts I wasn’t as happ tomday like ushual, how coumld I be wid my hooman so pupset?

I met my fren Buzo, the German pupard, there. He dooz me a tell dat somepawdy adopted him but within a day did him an return. It hurt a lomt to see my fren losin his home agin. He was pupset too, quemshioning if he was a goob boi after all. He dooz me a tells dat his hooman was bery stressed too. Buzo’s hooman’s acquaimtance dooz an decide to lemt their doggos hab babie puppers to dooz a sells because they hasin Goolden Retriebers.

Buzo womdered outs a loud if he will gets an chance to voes to his foreber home after all, him and his frens hab been doozing a waits since years. While we hasin this chats, our hoomans called after us. And then started habing an chats wif each other. Buzo’s hooman told my hooman da Goolden Retrieber story. And both our hoomans got pupset because dey dooz a knows dat da Goolden Retrieber puppers are only wot dey call, an status symbol. Wot they worry avout more, is dat eben though his hooman’s acquaimtance knew how many doggos and puppers are waiting to call an home as their own, they decimded to lets their Retriebers hab babie puppers anyway. And dey gots more pupset becooz halmf of da puppers will ends up in da shelmters or gets abamdoned becooz dey needs lots of cares. Eventually, dey will become our hooman’s or other resmscuers responsipupbility, waitin agin to voes to a home.

Tomday was an turdy day, 0/10, would nots dooz an recoomend. My hooman was bery pupset, my fren lomst his home and many other frens of mine won’t gets an home becooz of da new pedimgree puppers being broughts into da world.

Wot an world it would be where da existing doggos would get da same amounts of lub and chance to finds an home, regarmdless of da gemder, age or breed.


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