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I slowly opened my eyes (Part-II)

I was finally dere, da place dese hoomans called “home”. Amd soon I dooz an realize dat maybe dey weren’t bad. I fells in lub wif dem. Buts dey didm’t likes me when I usmed to pees amd poops inside deir home. I didm’t umderstamd wot else to dooz though. I wasn’t tolds where I could dooz dat.

Amd to comes back to da positives, food pebbles tamsted yum, it was my big pupper foods.

Amfter an months or so, my teef amd gums starmted doozimg me an hurt, a lots. Da only ways I coulmd gib myself reliemf from da pains was by chomping on clomthes, or newspampers or remotes or fimgers amd toes. My hoomans didm’t like dat, dey said I hurts dem. Nemxt fing I knews, I was agin puts into a bigg box wif mesh, like my mama was. I didm’t likes it though. I wamted to roam avound free like I gots to before. At dat points I was eamting, taking an snoozles amd peeing amd pooping in da meshed box. It smelled terrimble, I absholutely dislikeds it, but my hoomans seemed to be at an ease. So much dat dey sometimes usmed to dooz a forgets dat I wamted cuddles or pats or juss wamted to dooz an play wif dem. Buts dat was okays, I usmed to gets tirmed amd ended pup

napping, waitings for da cuddles.

A few months lamter I starmted growings bigg, I was becoming an big boy amd I could feel dis rush of energy inside of me all da times. I coumldn’t takes an snoozles or do anyfing else other dan try to gets rid of all da energy wifin me. Hoomans were too busy, so dey kepts me in da balcoony. At firmst, I emjoyed vooking at everyfing buts months passed, amd now I was gemtting eagers to go meets amd become frens wif other doggos. Dey seemed to emjoy voings out on walkies wif bright coloured rompes tieds to deir collar, trying to chase da cattos amd squivvels. I wamted dat too. I felts so excite loomking at dem out on walkies, I coumld only dooz an imagine how much funs dat would hab been. I mades sure to dooz a tells to my hoomans in every way possimble dat I wamted to voes on walkies amd play wif dem too. Amfter trying to tells dem dat I wamted to plays amd I wasm’t tired for so long, dey finally wamted to play wif me! We starmted playing, my hooman had an toy in her hamd

amd I was so excite trying to gets it from her, dat I put my paws on her arms in an attempts to lowers her hamd. Amd suddemly she starmted screaming amd called for my other hooman. She said dat I hurts her seberely buts I didm’t dooz anyfing. She showed my other hooman her arm, dere wasin an faimt white line, I didm’t understamd why she was so pupset. Dey starmted talking avout leaving me at some shelters. Although I coumldn’t understamd why, I felts hurmt, as though somefing importants was slipping aways from my limfe. I felts so helpless. I felt an tight pressures on my snoot, dey had wrampped an piece of clothes on my snoot, I coumldn’t dooz my jaws an move amd it felts somewot painsful.

I was being taken into da box wif wheelies amd amfter spendinga an short while inside, dere we were, oumtside dis place. I was doozin an worry, dis was suddem amd I still coumldn’t dooz my snoot an move. I saw another hooman comes to meets me amd my hoomans amd amsked my hoomans why my snoot was tied, dey saids, I hurmt dem. New hooman amsked dem how dis dooz an happen amd dey saimd I hurmt dem by “playings rough”. De tolds da new hooman dat dey didm’t takes me out for a walkies in an years amd day didm’t wish to.

I can neber forgets dat moment, wen my hoomans told da new hooman dat dey didm’t wamts me anymoar amd dey wamted to dropa me off at dis new place. Was I such a bad boi? I kepts amsking myself dis questiom but still coumldn’t fink of an amswer. I juss wamted to play wif my hoomans.

Da new hooman removed da clothes wrampped avound my snoot, I coumld finally feels my snoot at ease, buts somehow my heart amd mind werem’t at ease yets. As I walked inside da new place, I had an realisashon dat I woumldn’t be voing backs home ever. I lobed my hoomans, I thoughmts dey did too, I thoughmt.


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